I'm so excited to begin sharing more Ayurvedic Wisdom with you all

It is bringing me so much excitement, energy and Vigor to be back in the game after a 5 year hiatus whilst I homeschooled my children.

I can't wait to begin sharing ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, tips and insight with you all once more.

When: Saturday July 15th

Time: 9am-11am

Do you keep hearing the word Ayurveda, yet don’t really know what it's about?
Have you ever wondered what Vata, Pitta and Kapha are and how they apply to you?

In this workshop, you will learn your unique mind/ body type, what may be out of balance for you and how to realign to your true nature.

You will leave with:
- A clearer understanding of your own unique body type and doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha
- How the seasons of nature and the seasons of life affect us from an Ayurvedic perspective
- The role of the various qualities/ elements in our lives (space, air, fire, water, earth) and how to balance them
- Foods that are best suited for you as an individual
- Exercises, meditations and breathwork practices that can help you to find balance

Self-investment - $30

Please register online www.befreehealing.com