New Therapies added to my menu

I am soooo excited to await the arrival of my new Shirodhara equipment. When I studied Ayurveda in India, I knew this therapy was going to be one of my favorites. 

As I lay on the Droni (An Ayurvedic massage table), received my head and face massage, and waited in anticipation for the luxuriating oil, I already felt overrun with a sense of calm, ease and nurturance. But as soon as the warm medicated oil hit my forehead, I began to melt away. I entered a sort of trance like, dream like state where I wasn't quite awake or asleep, but in that magical, healing place between.

Bringing this ancient healing practice to Fort Collins, is going to be such a gift. It is the perfect treatment to reset the nervous system, allowing us to fully let go and receive healing. 

Alongside Shirodhara, I will be offering Garshana scrubs, which are a dry scrub using silk mittens and oil. It leaves you feeling rejuvenated, tingly and oh so soft. 

I will also be offering Kadibasthi, which is the application of herbal oil that is left on the back to soak in, releiving pain and encourageing deep release of tension.

Ahimsa Herbals, will be offering these Ayurvedic treatments at The Be Free Healing Center, here in Fort Collins, Colorado on Fridays, however I have more availability throughout the week.

The beautiful Ayurvedic Treatment called Shirodhara