Ayurvedic Consultations


Discover Balance and Wellness

(In-person and virtually from the comfort of your own home)


Are you seeking a deeper understanding of your unique mind/body type? Feeling imbalanced despite your best efforts? Curious about your body type or experiencing issues with digestion, sleep, or pain? I invite you to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call today, where we can have a light and friendly chat to explore how I may be able to assist you.

During an initial consultation, we'll delve into all aspects of your life – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – to gain insights into why you may be feeling out of balance. Together, we'll discuss any concerns, your health history, and symptoms. By determining your unique mind/body constitution and identifying any subtle imbalances, we'll gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs.

This initial consultation will cover a wide range of topics, including sleep, digestion, and even intriguing aspects like our poop, tongue, hair, eyes, nails, and general appearance. Through this exploration, we'll uncover any imbalances and pave the way for a personalized plan to bring you back into harmony.

Your tailored plan will encompass various elements, such as:

- Guidance on the right foods to eat and avoid
- Tips on eating in alignment with the seasons
- Strategies to prevent the accumulation of toxins in your mind and body
- Customized yoga, meditation, and pranayama practices
- Simple lifestyle adjustments for overall well-being
- Insights into correct combinations for optimal health
- Techniques to prevent the build-up of toxins in the body

I work closely with Ayurvedic Doctors in India, to go over every consultation, to ensure we are truly getting to the root cause of every problems, offering advice on herbs, remedies and therapies. 

To schedule your appointment, you have two options. If you prefer an in-person consultation, please reach out to me to set up a Zoom call at info@ahimsaherbals.com. Alternatively, if you're located in Fort Collins, Colorado, we can arrange an appointment in person.


Initial chat - Free
Full Consultation - 90 Mins - Includes full assessment, treatment plan and booklet $185
Follow up - 1 Hour - $125