Daily Rituals


The rhythm and flow of nature was once apart of us. Every day was lived in accordance with the rise of the sun and setting of the moon. Nature was our medicine. Nature was our food. Nature was our housing. We were inseparable from nature because we were nature.

Although we are of course still nature, these days we may feel a disconnect from the subtle changes happening around us every day. The daily shifts in the macrocosm, sunrise, the moon cycles and seasons greatly affect our own microcosm.

By incorporating a daily ritual (called dinacharya in Ayurveda), you can feel more energized, invigorated, balanced and in harmony with nature.

Yoga, meditation, mantra, and daily routine are imperative to a balanced body and mind. Your daily rituals should be slightly adjusted depending on the season and in accordance with the climate you live in.


What a miracle it is to have this vehicle carrying our souls. We must take care of this beautiful body by applying only the finest, purest and sustainable ingredients we can afford. What we put on our skin is absorbed and digested by the skin and turned into the cells of our very being. Natures plan was for us to live in harmony with her. Living in awe of nature’s medicine can help us connect closer to her healing potential as we alchemize her magic into our very being.

By mindfully cleansing, massaging, and anointing our bodies around the same time every day, we set ourselves up for success, as we bring in balance, rhythm, routine and harmony.


One way to help connect our mind and bodies with the healing powers of nature is to incorporate daily self- massage with natures botanicals to balance and uplift the spirit. In Ancient Ayurveda, abhyanga  (oil massage), is performed daily to boost the immune system, pacify the nervous system, promote glowing radiant skin, detoxify the body and rejuvenate the mind.

Sneha is the word for oil in Sanskrit. And Sneha is also the name for love. The word sneha is often used to express feelings of warmth, closeness, and emotional attachment. By massaging ourselves daily we become in tune with our bodies. What feels good? Where are you holding tightness? Where needs some love?

It also gifts us with some moments to pause and slow down as we meditatively nourish ourselves with botanical bliss.


Allowing yourself the time to breathe, meditate and be silent before the beginning of the day is life changing stuff. If you have a busy schedule and you don't feel you have the time, then this practice is even more important for you.

Calming the nervous system and grounding before the day begins, can really set your day off to a good start. If you have children to care for, rising before them and being in a calm grounded state will also benefit their day and those around us.


Mantra is powerful. Mantra in the form of song and mantras in the form of affirmations is potent medicine. Soul + Starlight give sweet little mantras on every bottle to help lift you out of any stagnation or heaviness you might be feeling. Beautiful, radiant and glowing skin doesn't just come from the outside, it comes from the inside.

The less stressed we are, the calmer we feel, the more radiant we shine. 


Are you pausing to breathe in gratitude every day? What an absolute gift to be walking on this earth. Think of everything in your home that keeps you comfortable and safe. Think of all the elements in nature that work symbiotically every day to cause balance and harmony to support life. The alchemical magic of plants and trees and how they can heal the human conditions.

Breath. Prana. Life force. Energy. Oxygen. Detoxification. What a gift.

Breathe in deeply as many times as you remember every day as you let go of all that no longer serves you.


To have this body is such a privilege. The gift of life. By moving in union with our breath we can release, open and receive.  By turning up to our mat (or floor) every day, we can honor the land we're on, the body we're in and the air we breathe. By tuning into your bodies needs every day, it allows us to gain insight on how we're feeling, how we're turning up and where we need help.

Stretch, more, dance, flow, be still, HAVE FUN. Enjoy your body and feel free. 


Once upon a time, the only light we had at night was that of a candle of fire. These beautiful flickering warm and red lights are calming and relaxing for the nervous system and trigger hormones in our brain to tell us it's time for sleep.

Nowadays, we are watching tv, on screens and around blue light all the time. Even your light bulbs and the little lights on your oven for example are affecting our abilities to fall and stay asleep because the blue light emitted is telling us that it's daytime.

Without adequate sleep our bodies can degenerate and age quicker.

By turning off the TV an hour before bed. Lighting a candle. Massaging your body. Massaging on your hands and feed. Applying your night oil. Brushing your teeth. Meditating. Practicing pranayama, we can begin a healthy nighttime ritual that assists a good healthy sleep.


The food we eat turns into our cells and anything we don't need, like toxic by-products, are excreted out the body through our GI tract, our breath, or our skin. Good skin comes from eating good quality, organic, fresh, and whole foods.

Is the food you're eating good for your body?

Is the food you’re eating good for the earth?

It's never too late to start some healthy food rituals, eating when we're hungry and not snacking.


Water is the sustenance of all life, yet our waters are being polluted with chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, and other nasties. Drinking water out of a good quality filter is imperative for cell renewal, proper hydration, and overall health.

Adequate water also equals more hydrated skin.

Ps. Adequate water does not necessarily mean 8 cups a day. We should not be guzzling water if we aren't thirsty. It can swamp the system and disrupt microbial balance. Drink small sips of warm water regularly through out the day.