Our Story



Soul and Starlight is here to elevate your daily rituals. To connect your body with your breath. Your consciousness to your soul. And to take your daily skin and body rituals to the next level.

Daily rituals transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences

We are more than just a skincare company. We help you recognize your innate healing power. We endeavor to leave you feeling radiant, glowing and empowered, strong, and ready to move into your day with a hop, skip and a jump.

Every ingredient is made from sunlight, earth, water, air and wind. Every ingredient has be consciously chosen for it's incredible alchemical magic that has been weaved into it's DNA. Every ingredient is pure, natural and unrefined.

We are not separate from nature. We are nature. We are in fact made of stardust, trees, the soil and the flowers. So we only use ingredients that are organic, sustainable and that our body recognizes as a whole food.

We dare you to weave high vibrations into your daily routine. Letting each moment become a sacred ceremony, harmonizing mind and body, inviting balance, and amplifying your connection to the cosmic energies that surround you.

High vibrational oils, charged with mantra, infused with crystals, a large dose of love and the alchemical magic of plants.

Connecting our hearts, mind and body to the power of nature.


Emma Horne, the owner and founder of Ahimsa Herbals,  spent her childhood a bit of a daydreamer, playing in fields, wading through rivers, exploring forests and riding her bike. Mindless gossip and dull conversation felt so boring. The stars, the moon, and the woods were so much more appealing.

Making potions. Concocting perfumes. Messing with mud pies. Catching crayfish. Playing with conkers. Daydreaming in the sunshine. Poking frogspawn. Feeling the breeze in her hair. Admiring the beauty in nature. Was what warmed Emmas heart.

Enduring many high school struggles due to her free (and rebellious) sprit, alienated Emma somewhat, leaving her feeling alone, isolated and confused.  Emma then learned various holistic healing modalities, including the study of herbs, oils and color therapy which helped heal the various traumas she endured in her teens and gave her a purpose and focus.

Emmas creative outlet over the last few years, whilst she raised 2 gorgeous girls as a stay at home Mom, has been mixing, formulating, blending, playing, whipping, heating, and experimenting with different, herbs, oils and flowers. Every product created honors the wonders of nature, weaving her love of Ayurvedic wisdom with other folk traditions, to make colorful, beautiful and high vibrational products. 

Every product has a matching mantra (affirmation) to help elevate your day, has been charged with crystals and made with so much love and intention.

Emma is also a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Drum Practitioner and Ayurvedic Therapist working out of Fort Collins, Colorado. 

It is Emmas biggest wish to one day have an Ayurvedic Inspired healing center for women. Where she can incorporate her love of beauty, healing touch and the gift of natural products.