Wellness Therapies

Wellness Therapies

Working out of Fort Collins, Colorado, I use my various skills developed over the last 20+ years to provide fully tailored treatments, which will be unique for every person who comes in. My energy is open, warm and friendly and I welcome people from all walks of life. I love working on all aspects of the body, from mind, emotional, physical and spiritual to help align and unite body and mind for balanced wellness. 

Abhyanga Massage

$85 -60 mins or $125 for 90 mins

This ancient Ayurvedic Massage is an incredibly calming and soothing treatment. As opposed to working on individual muscles or muscle groups, the whole body is massaged in long, soothing strokes, stimulating lymphatic drainage and promoting circulation and detoxification.

Medicated oil specific to your dosha or imbalance, is warmed and gently massaged all over the body. It is so incredibly nourishing and soothing for the nervous system, mind and soul. It can help to relieve muscle aches and tension, help with stiffness in the joints, reduce stress and can promote beautiful, glowing skin. 

Shirodhara - Pouring of Oil onto the forehead + Massage

$125 - 75 mins -  $90 for subsequent treatments within a 2 weeks time period

One of the most famous and revered Ayurvedic therapies has got to be shirodhara. This treatment is rather luxurious, in that lots of warm Organic Medicated Oil is poured over the third eye and forehead in a seamless, continuous stream from a copper pot held above the head. Wonderful for de-stressing an overactive mind, calming anxiety, aiding with insomnia and overall wellness and relaxation.

The reason the 2nd+ treatments are cheaper, is because we can reuse the oil. Each person gets their own bottle of oil seeing as it can't be reused on someone else.

Head and Face Massage 

$85 -60 mins

This deeply relaxing massage helps to relieve tension and stress within the face, jaw and neck. Warm herbal oil is liberally applied, and you are massaged with non-stop touch and movement. 

We hold so much tension and tightness in our jaw, neck and shoulders, and with warm healing hands, my gua sha tool, hot towel massage and healing oils, you'll leave looking glowing, and feeling soothed and destressed. 

Garshana Body Scrub with Oil

$85 - 60 mins or $125 for 90 mins (includes extended massage)

Garshana is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment, that literally translates as 'friction by rubbing'. The treatment begins with a full body warm oil application and Abhyanga massage. Abhyanga massage is long, sweeping, soothing movements over the whole body to promote calm and relaxation.

Special gloves are then used to massage the body, stimulating lymphatic drainage, increasing circulation and relieving stagnation in the mind and body.

Besides from being exfoliating and sloughing of dead skin cells, it can assist with detoxification, and soothes the nerves. 


$85 - 60 mins

Nasyam is an anceient Ayurvedic treatment traditionally used to relieve congestion, sinus pain, headaches, boost immunity and revitalize the nervous system.

Before using medicinal oil in the nasal cavity (don't be afraid it's not as bad as it sounds), you will recieve a beautiful head, neck and face massage. I will gently massage your sinuses, working on your marma points (ayurvedic energy centers), and the sen sib (Thai Massage energy lines) around your face and head, before a herbal face steam to help further open the sinuses. 

Hot towels are used that are soaked in eucalyptus and camphor infused waters, to help open the airways, followed by a steam inhalation. You get to take home a bottle of Banyan Botanicals Organic Nasyam Oil to use at your own discretion.

Podhikizhi - Warm Herbal Poultice + Massage  

$85 - 60 mins or $125 for 90 mins

Podhikizhi is wonderful treatment for those suffering with muscular aches and pains, nerve pain or arthritic pain. Emma makes bolus bags with organic herbs or other materials, depending on your condition. A full body warm oil massage is given beforehand, working into any areas of tension or tightness.

Warmed bolus balls are preheated in warmed herbal oil, before being gentle massaged into, and along the muscles and energy meridians of the body. This massage helps to relax, soothe and unwind tight muscles, and relieve pain.

Kadibasthi - Herbal Oil bath to target pain

$85 - 60 mins

This treatment is excellent for targeting specific pain areas on the body. After a soothing abhyanga massage, a dough is made with gram flour and water, a ring of dough is formed around the pain area (eg knee, lower back) and it is filled with warm medicated herbal Ayurvedic Oil that specially formulated to help soothe and rejuvenate muscles and joints. The oil is repeatedly replaced so a constant sensation of warmth is achieved. You get to take home the remaining oil for self massage. 

Spiritual Healing

Oftentimes, our illnesses, ailments and emotional issues, can be due to trapped, blocked or stagnant energy in our energy body. It sometimes takes some work on our chakras, layers of our auras and energy body, for an all-round healing experience. Emma has been practicing reiki for over 20 years and has trained in The Michael Harner shamanic healing techniques and other shamanic studies in England, Sedona and California. 

Emma is incredibly intuitive, clairsentient, and clairaudient and can provide spiritual healing in safe, loving, and supportive environment without judgement.

Reiki Healing

$85 - 60 mins - $110 - 90 mins

During these sessions, a gentle hands on treatment can help to provide relaxation, reduce stress and provide an overall sense of balance. Hands are placed on various points around the body and around the aura. Sound healing, mantras, crystals, essential oils and chanting may sometimes be used to enhance the healing session. 

Reiki Drumming

$85 - 60 mins - $110 - 90 mins

Reiki drumming can help take the healing up a level. Whilst using the drum, reiki is channeled through the drum, and is carried deep within the body through the vibrations of sound. Drumming can help alter states of consciousness, leaving us more receptive to your own inner guidance and wisdom. The drum is a tool that can be used to empower and to heal. 

There are 3 types of sessions that can be done with the drum.

Mental and emotional reprogramming - This is a powerful healing tool in which we allow the drum to put us into a relaxed state of mind, allowing us access to the subconscious mind. We will discuss some things that may be troubling you, or something that you would like help with, and between us we come up with a positive mantra/ affirmation that will help you. Whilst you lay down and relax, and silently repeat the mantra, Emma will drum over your body repeating the mantra. During drumming, we are naturally put into an Alpha, or Theta state of mind, which is where we feel deeply relaxed and can alter our subconscious mind. 

Reiki Drum Healing - During our consultation, we will discuss how you feeling and Emma will use her intuition and allow the reiki to guide her during the course of the treatment. Helping to dispel blocks and negativity. 

Journeying - Using a shamanic method of journeying, Emma will guide you through a journey with the drum, taking you into a natural, altered state of consciousness. During the journey you may find insight and wisdom to any questions or uncertainties you may have. it is based on shamanic drum journeying but incorporates the healing power of reiki. It's not uncommon for people to have profound visions or experiences that can help bring immense clarity to their lives. The journey work is followed by a hands on reiki treatment to allow the energies to integrate.  

Custom Spa Day

3 hours - Including Shirodhara $250

Come and feel listened too, nurtured and restored during these customized 3 hour retreat sessions. We start by discussing our current state of mind and body over a cup of organic tea. We will go over ALL parts of you - Emotional, physical, spiritual and mental and will work on a treatment plan that feels in alignment with your current needs and desires. 

It is a time for deep healing, nourishment and support. 

Maybe you need a full 3 hours of reiki, drumming, essential oils and hands on healing, or maybe you need warm oil massage or other treatments that are deeply soothing for the mind and the nervous system?

This time away from the busy world is something you deserve, no matter where you are in life. Emma feels there is a collective need for deep reset, as we get ever more attached to our phones, caught in our minds and worried about what the future holds.

Each 3 hour session may include:

  • Consultation over warm tea
  • Reiki and shamanic healing
  • Drumming
  • Warm Abhyanga Oil Massage
  • Head and Face Massage with handmade, Organic Oils
  • Warm Oil Head Massage (shirodhara)
  • Hand and Foot Massage
  • Sound healing with singing bowls
  • Crystal healing
  • Essential Oils
  • Smudging, drumming and chanting

All therapies can be scheduled here. Just simply find my name, Emma Horne, on the drop menu under 'providers'. You can also drop me an email to schedule.

I currently only have Fridays on the schedule, but I do have additional availability during the week. Just reach out to schedule an appointment on a different day.