Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga

Emma teaches weekly yoga classes at The Be Free Healing Center in Fort Collins Colorado, and has recently started offered private (individual) and private group Yoga Classes.

Private Classes

It is not uncommon for a person to feel uncomfortable attending a large yoga class, especially when starting when everything is so new and overwhelming, especially when poses are moved through so quickly.

Emmas Private classes can be tailored to the individual. Whether you want to learn the basics of posture alignment, or simpley practice yin yoga whilst Emma does hands on adjustments and healing.

A class could look like1 hour of flow, or it could look like 1 hour of breathwork, meditation and yin yoga. Whatever YOU want, is what you will get. 

Emma has a calming, soothing and welcoming vibe, that can make ANYONE feel welcome. Emma invites you to come as you. Whether that be smiley, tearful or Fred up. If you're unsure about starting yoga in a large group, maybe give Emma a call, so you can get a feel if it's the right fit for you. 

Benefits of Private Yoga

- Work on areas of the body that need some extra TLC, at your own pace 

- Work around any physical limitations

- Learn the basics correctly and understand proper alignment

- Focus on YOUR personal goals and needs, be it mental, physical or spiritual

- Practice some pranayama breathwork techniques

- Meditation practices to use in your every day life

- Reduce anxiety

- Build flexibility, strength and balance

- Accountability 


Private Group Yoga

Emmas private group classes are perfect for groups of friends wanting to get together, bachelorette parties or baby showers. Emma can completely tailor the class for your needs. 

Some Yoga class ideas:

- Grounding chakra flow

- Heart Opening Flow to bring in joy

- Yoga and Meditation to invite intuition

- Yin Yoga for nervous system regulation

- Reiki Drum Journey and Gong Bath for deep healing and insight

- Special yoga classes and ceremonies to welcome a new baby


Call or email Emma for more information, special requests and how to schedule. 

Ayurveda Workshops for Yoga Teacher Training

Emma offers her expertise in Ayurveda for Yoga Teacher Trainings. Emma can teach in person in and around Fort Collins, Including Denver, or virtually (live) with powerpoint presentations and time for Q&A.

Each workshop will include a booklet and instruction on:

- The history of Ayurveda

- The principles of Ayurveda

- A Dosha/ Prakriti quiz for participants to fill out

- Vata, Pitta and Kapha Characteristics

- Information on the Ayurvedic Clock - Seasons, Times of day etc...

- Food Guidelines per dosha

- Digestion and the 6 different tastes

- Yoga poses and pranayama for each dosha

- Dinacharya (daily routine practices)

- Ritucharya (seasonal practices)


$100 per hour (Minimum 2 hours)

$250 for 3 hours

$500 for a Full Day