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Ahimsa Herbals

Organic Sesame Oil

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Sesame Oil is known as the 'King of Oils' in Ayurveda. Its uses are endless and can be used to moisturize the body, lips, ears, and feet. It can be used for oil pulling, to help support healthy teeth and gums. Traditionally, Sesame Oil is very beneficial for helping to balance Vata. It is warming, nourishing, and soothing in nature and is thought to help one build strength and calm stress. Sesame Oil has an earthy, rich, and herby aroma in its unrefined form.

Other uses:

- Use nightly before bed as a foot rub to help promote a healthy sleep

- Use daily as an abhyanga massage oil

- Use to relieve dry skin on the scalp by massaging a small amount 20 minutes before washing

- Apply 1 drop into each ear every day to help loosen wax

- Rub a small amount around the nasal passage to help protect against environmental toxins

 Ingredients: Organic Sesame Oil (Sesamum Indicum)